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Cartoo: An Invention Bringing

Families Together

" Cartoo found its inspiration in the little sources of happiness that are at times over looked."

About the Coordinator

Antonello Vitolo graduated in Design at the Politecnico of Milan. Being a father to two young children along with his experience in communication and his passion for creative innovation, led Antonello to see something of normal occurrence and turn it into a product that once successful would promote and encourage positive interaction and allow children to fulfill their inventive needs. Cartoo found its inspiration in the little sources of happiness that are at times over looked.

Where it Began

All it took was to see the world through the mind of a child, the intricacy of imagination communicated through the simplest of actions. The idea of Cartoo began when Antonello’s children Diego and Luca became mesmerized by the formations and stories of shadows on the wall created by their grandmother by the mere dimming of lights and the shinning of a flashlight. Like a kind of interactive storytelling, the children and their grandmother created images using toys and told their tales. This sweet moment immersed in love and admiration was witnessed by adults who recognized the gift right in front of them, and believed it deserved to be shared with everyone, so they too would have a chance to experience this beautiful moment with their children.

The Creation and Continuation

From there Antonello, the Coordinator of Cartoo, along with his friends Rudy and Marianna began designing what started as a prototype and eventually became the final product, Cartoo, a card kit that can be folded as thin as a book and can be modeled into a projector, which with the help of the clear film and chalk provided inside and one’s smartphone is all that is necessary to create a space of imagination and cooperation between adults and their little ones. Another efficient element to Cartoo is the development of navigating and confidently using technology by both adults and children. The ability to problem solve or trouble shoot when following direction to construct Cartoo is awarded with the final light display. To feel proud in creating something encourages children to continue engaging in imaginative processes and makes room for adults to assist and collaborate with them.

Having roots in Naples, Cartoo's team is both here and in England giving it an international and bilingual appeal and therefore a further reach. The hope is for this invention to be readily available all over Europe and to deliver Cartoo to as many families and homes as possible.

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