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Conference at the University Federico II on the World refugee day.

Investigation of the system of the associations of Naples in support of immigrants

On the World refugee day, 20th of June, the Social Science department of the University Federico II hosted a conference to present the results of its latest research: investigation of the system of the associations of Naples in support of immigrants. The research was conducted by Stefano Consiglio and his peers as part of the DIALOGUE project. DIALOGUE aims at helping young people, entrepreneurs and migrants to change the world in a unique place for social entrepreneurship in the heart of Naples.

Association for migrants in Naples

Indeed, there are 60 000 migrants in Naples and as a consequence many associations to help them. These associations, in majority, have been active for more than three years, hire more than 10 employees, mostly Italian women with a middle to high education degree. There beneficiaries are in majority young people from Sub Saharan Africa and Eastern Europe and only in minority from Asia.

During the discussions, two categories of associations emerged. On the one hand, the ethnical associations mostly helping their own community and on the other hand, the Italian associations helping the migrants. The three major ones are LESS, represented at the table by Marika Visconti, Dedalus represented by Elena de Filippo and the CGIL.

Both categories offer many services to migrants such as training and consulting for social entrepreneurship as Project Ahead does, represented by Marco Traversi at the table. However, they tend to outsource the linguistic activities and the legal advice. Baby-sitting stands out as one of the most appreciated services.

Objective of the study

The objective of the study is then to map all the associations in order to improve their collaboration. That is why, this conference has made one thing clear: there are many associations working out there for the migrants, the next step will be all about bringing them together to induce a constructive cooperation.

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