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EYE Host Entrepreneur: Antonella Schiavone

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Antonella Schiavone is our newest host entrepreneur in Campania as part of the ERASMUS
program to promote entrepreneurship. Project Ahead, the ERASMUS partner in Campania,
chose Antonella because she has built a successful business of her own, starting in Casal di
Principe and now reaching across borders into Austria. In her role, Antonella will host an
entrepreneur from another EU country for one to six months in which they will be able to
exchange ideas and collaborate.

Raised on the family farm in Casal di Principe, Antonella’s father was a buffalo farmer, who
founded the family business in 1999 before Antonella and her siblings eventually advised
him to shift to cultivating dairy products in 2008. That is when they began producing La
Stella Bianca – distinguishable due to its star shape to the way it tastes.

The family run business, led by Antonella Schiavone originally only sold its products in its
hometown of Casal di Principe, but has since expanded operations to parts of Naples,
Bacoli, Monte di Procida, and most recently, Vienna, Austria as the newest and first location
outside of Italy.

Project Ahead found that it would be great for a new entrepreneur to be exposed to Antonella’s work ethic and what matters most in the way she runs her business: Quality – something Antonella really values – is a key component of producing La Stella Bianca. Her farm sees the dairy creation process from beginning to end, to ensure quality of the products.

The dairy farm facilitates the entire process of creating its products, from what the buffalo producing the dairy eat, to the shelves of La Stella Bianca’s sales points. In fact, La Stella Bianca can only be found at the farm’s designated sales points.

The star shape is not the only thing that distinguishes La Stella Bianca mozzarella from the rest. The farm’s land is very fertile with specific minerals. When the buffalo feed on the land, those minerals influence the taste of the milk they produce, ultimately impacting the taste of the mozzarella. It gives the mozzarella a signature taste that no one else can imitate.

Having unique offerings is important to making a business excel and this is obvious with the intricate process La Stella Bianca has for making its products and another reason Project Air chose Antonella – so that the new entrepreneur can carry those lessons in the business creation process.

At just 29 years old, Antonella is a young entrepreneur who already has the business smarts and effective strategic thinking of a seasoned businessperson and is already running a cross-border company. The decision to open her newest distribution center in Austria was the result of three years of research.

Austria is the nearest state allowing La Stella Bianca to deliver products in just few hours while they are still fresh, aligning with Antonella’s emphasis on quality. Additionally, the sales point is strategically located near the opera house in Vienna, with a format different from its locations in Italy. La Stella Bianca in Vienna not only has the traditional format for selling products, it also has indoor and outdoor seating, which allow customers to enjoy the products at the location, whether it be a snack, lunch or dinner.

As a host entrepreneur, Antonella will be able to mentor a new entrepreneur and share her wisdom to empower those following in a path similar to her own. Antonella has proven to be a successful businessperson running La Stella Bianca, which makes it clear why she was chosen by ERASMUS to host an up-and-coming young entrepreneur. We at Project Ahead look forward to hearing about Antonella’s experience as a host entrepreneur and how much her mentee will learn from her.

If you are a new entrepreneur in Naples with less than three years of experience and you are interested in being hosted by an experienced entrepreneur, please contact Project Ahead at

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