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EYE: The exciting experience of Ruben and Genesis in Naples

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Ruben and Genesis are two New Entrepreneurs from Spain who seized the opportunity to take part in the Erasmus for young entrepreneurs program (EYE) here in Naples. They stayed in FoQus for 4 months where two highly experienced Host entrepreneurs welcomed them. Firstly, Renato Quaglia, director of the Foundation FoQus with an extensive experience in art and territorial development. Then, Simone Maria Da Conceicao, president of the association MUNI for almost 10 years, located within FoQus’s facilities and dealing with social solidarity and civil rights’ promotion. Ruben and Genesis were accompanied by these two Hosts but they also had the chance to collaborate with many entities. This is how they tell their story!

“These last months have been exciting!"

We ended up going to the south of Italy (Naples) with the Erasmus Scholarship for Young Entrepreneurs, with the support of ILÊWASI, ONGD in Valencia, which works to provide a better community for young people and the cooperative Project Ahead in Naples.

It is a very enriching experience since it is allowing us to learn all those aspects about an Association focused on education. The Foundation where we are working is called FoQus, and it is composed of more than 10 associations and entities, all related to social empowerment, non-formal and formal education and art.

In addition, we have the opportunity to continue acquiring experience in the different areas where we are specialized. In Rubén’s case, he gets to apply his knowledge in agriculture and environment and work with young people at risk of social exclusion; whereas in Genesis’s case she gets to put into practice her knowledge in psychology community and social inclusion projects.

We are discovering people and activities that we never had the chance to discover before. For example, we are participating in the elementary school and summer preschool activities event taking part in the excursions to museums or cultural sites. We are also collaborating with the association Argo by helping them in the events and training activities they organize for young disabled people.

Finally, it is interesting to get to know another perspective and a different way of work from another culture.”

Ruben and Genesis have been highly active, taking part in activities in many different organizations. They were pro-active, always proposing ideas and making recommendation to improve this beautiful community that is FoQus. Soon they will be able to go back home with brand new skills, ideas and an additional perspective on their project.

If you are interested as well in living an enriching experience both on the personal and professional level, do not hesitate to contact us! We will accompany you through the entire process and make sure you find the best match as possible to fulfil your expectations and carry on your own project.

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