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EYE: THE EXPERIENCE OF Marco Coviello and Stephen Turvill

Marco Coviello is a new entrepreneur from Naples that Project Ahead, Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs, partner organization in Naples, has partnered with an experienced entrepreneur in London named Stephen Turvill who owns Limoncello, an Italian restaurant located in Cambridge, London that sells Italian food throughout the UK both online and in-store.

Marco is a co-founder of FOODALLERGENI®, a startup dedicated to meeting the protective needs of the restaurant industry, specializing in food safety. The overall goal is to make sure food companies throughout Italy meet EU food safety regulations, particularly when it comes to allergens in the foods supply chain to help businesses lower civil and criminal liability. The startup provides medical support, legal advice, professional training and certification for EU standards regarding allergens to fulfill the reference standards.

As the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs partner organization in Campania, Project Ahead is responsible for facilitating mutually beneficial relationships between new entrepreneurs and more experienced, host entrepreneurs in other EU countries. Project Ahead connected Marco with Stephen in London because their entrepreneurial endeavors made a great match. In fact, Stephen actually went into the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program wanting to “develop stronger direct links with existing and potential Italian suppliers,” improve Limoncello’s knowledge/authenticity and build a more diverse selection of products. At the same time, Marco went into the program hoping to learn how the UK market works to inform his sales strategy with plans to expand abroad.

It would be an opportunity for Marco to be exposed to an Italian restaurant outside of Italy and Stephen to connect with a young Italian entrepreneur that would help with marketing, graphics, menu options, and food safety and procurement. As part of the exchange, Marco and Stephen will collaborate to “investigate, research and purchase new products and product lines [as well as] identify and vet new Italian suppliers.”

Marco works for Limoncello, helping the restaurant cater to more clientele by developing allergy/diet-specific menus and expanding the business’s marketing reach, using his graphic design skills to create and rescale logos. Additionally, he helps with setting up the restaurant to prepare for patrons during the day.

Marco and Stephen recognise the importance of gaining experience abroad and bringing those diversified lessons back home to improve one’s own business. Marco highly recommends that any new entrepreneur should apply with an open mind and positivity. He said Erasmus so far has helped him improve his business.

If you are a young entrepreneur looking to improve your skills while helping another business in another EU country improve as well / if you are an experienced entrepreneur in Naples interested in hosting a new entrepreneur from another EU country, please contact Project Ahead at

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