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In the spaces of Dialogue Place and Foqus, at street Portacarrese a Montecalvario 69, an afternoon of discovery of the flavors of the world, introduced by the screening of the short film winner of "Moviemmece", Cinefestival of the biodiversity of food and culture 2018 (www.moviemmece.it).
During the evening Shukri Khalif Abdulle, a Somali chef and Neapolitan by adoption, back from Master Chef Italy, will prepare us Fattoush, a typical Lebanese salad, telling us about his encounter with the products of the land and his experience as a migrant.
The show cooking will be an opportunity to discuss the value, origin and supply chain of food
with Roberto Todisco, creator of the Cinefestival "Moviemmece" dedicated to the biodiversity of food and culture, and with Valeria Zazzu, biologist-nutritionist, chef and founder of "Gusto Sano Napoletano".
The meeting will be moderated by Gianni Rinaldi, journalist.
The event is in collaboration with Coop. Soc. Liberetà of Naples, Associazione Song Taaba A.D.E.S.I.B. and Less Social Enterprise Onlus that will present the fundraising for the Burkinabell Project.
Event with free entry
It will follow, for those who booked through the Gnammo.com platform, the tasting of Fattoush and typical Somali drinks, enlivened by music and dances of Burkina Faso.
The cost of the tasting is € 6.

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