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"Fork: people to Change" project

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Let’s get started, near the Ventaglieri Park’ s buildings, the project “ForK People to change” . It
deals with a social initiative financed by the Italian Youth Department and the National Civil Service, carried by the Sagapò Association together with Project Ahead, Microlab onlus Association, Meridionare, Informatics sans frontières onlus, Impact Hub, Make a Cube, Muni onlus, in collaboration with the Naples Municipality, and with the Sgarrupato Association.

The project has been intended to promote a model of local development based on the social
young entrepreneurship. The general aim is to realize a centre of local development that
encourages the creation of the conditions for the young people social and professional inclusion.
The Mayor of Naples Luigi de Magistris will be present to the meeting with the Assessor to the juvenile policies Alessandra Clemente. The project will be illustrated to the press and to the employees by the Sagapò President Valentina Costa. Fork is favourable to the auto-entrepreneurship and self-employment, enhancing the young people creativity and the collaboration and sharing among different proficiencies. The realization of socially innovative entrepreneurial initiatives will be the precondition for the integration and the economic wellness for the whole territorial community and it will start through workshops of Upcycling, Digital fabrication, robotic and recreational recycle.
The project has been thought to promote the comparison among young people coming from different social conditions through a multi-sectorial exchange driven by experts of co-planning and co-working.
Thanks to the building of a path for the emersion of ideas and co-creation of new multicultural entrepreneurial initiatives, we want to promote the birth of innovative social enterprises driven by young people with a multicultural and feminine remarkable component.
ForK represents a space of opening to the city and to the territory in order to promote a continuous empowerment of the young people involved in the activities and a continuous
contamination with other local initiatives.

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