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Free workshop of "Fork people to change"

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Since December, the workshop paths of innovative craftsmanship and of leading to the creation of the enterprise will be activated in the field of the project “ForK People to change”. It is still possible to register, but the places are limited.

The workshops will be held in the monumental complex found in Vico Sottomonte a Ventaglieri, Angolo Vicolo Lepre in Naples and they will be addressed to the youngsters between 18 and 35 years old. The general aim of the project is the realization of a local development centre which promotes the creation of the condition for the social and professional inclusion of the young people and which could have positive effects on the territory in social, economic and cultural terms.
In order to enhance the union between “ancient jobs” and new technologies, ForK is intended to arise the artistic, artisanal and business possibilities of the young people of the territory and to lead them in a specific education, addressed to the acquisition of those technical skills and of the “know to do” essential in the labour market today.
The free workshop of upcycling, robotic and Ambient Assisted Living (ALL) and digital fabrication are active already.

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