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Social Change Wave: A Look Back

"The success of the Social Change Wave would be the hard work and dedication displayed by participants to actively work on their ideas and bring them to light"

It Happened Everybody!

This weekend we held our 5th annual Social Change Wave from June 23rd to June 25the held at Foqus in the Spanish Quarters. Bringing together a diverse group of participants, speakers and mentors the last three days were spent presenting and discussing the structuralizing of ideas brought to the table by social entrepreneurs who seek the same progress as Dialogue Place, inclusive cooperation between migrant and locals and supporting the innate power of start-ups. The event was catered by Tobili, a positive example of successful start-ups in Naples.

Replay: Day 1

After coffee and registration, giving everyone a chance to catch up and get to know each other, we all gathered for the opening panel to encourage all of those that were attending the event and to begin generating the weekend long conversations that would produce business ideas and eventual plans. Those on the panel included Serena Angioli, Assessore Fondi europei, Politiche giovanili, Cooperazione europea, and Alessandra Clemente, Assessore alle Politiche Giovanili, Innovazione e Creativita del Comune di Napoli. By hearing support from large contributors and recognizing that our work this weekend, and what would come of it, were backed by different sectors of the community was not only a sign of encouragement but a tangible example of communication and collaboration. Following the panel Valentina Costa, Presidente Sagapo onlus, presented Dialogue Place and its partners and led into the start of Social Change, a series of presentations for each participant to showcase their ideas and then form groups based off similar interests and campaigns.

Replay: Day 2

The next day, we all returned to Foqus for a day of brainstorming business plans within groups and creating realistic steps to achieve the social ideas that were presented. From 9 am to 7:30 pm the time was split between group time, where all participants exclusively discussed in smaller circles assisted by mentors, and inspiration speeches from speakers such as Michele Franzese, Maria Lombardi, Martina Romanello, Luca Palamara and Antonio Martiniello. This again was a chance for participants to receive guidance from people who had strong experience in social enterprise and allowed them to also partake in conversations on the possible future successes and hurdles to come. The success of the Social Change Wave would be the hard work and dedication displayed by participants to actively work on their ideas and bring them to light, so it was necessary to provide an adequate amount of time to sustain dialogue and have a finished presentation for the last day of the event.

Replay: Day 3

Following suit to the previous day participants met with their mentors to complete business plans that would be exhibited to all those in attendance later on. After each group presented their final business plan three were selected to continue their social enterprise ideas, now transformed into plans, at conventions in San Francisco, Paris and Maratea. A big shout-out to the Social Change Wave winners Sheralo, Arginalia, and RobBIN, we look forward to all that they achieve as they move forward! We also congratulate everyone for working towards positive social business this weekend and challenge everybody, those who participated and did not, to engage in future development and encourage social change!

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