• INcubator

    Support to social entrepreneurs from the idea to the product.


    Incubation service is a path that supports social entrepreneurs from the generation of the idea to the launch of the product. The path is led by important organizations in the field of social entrepreneurship and innovation.

  • The phases

    From inspiration ... to the idea ... to the realization

    Applications and Workshops

    2 seminars of 4 hours

    The requests of our incubation service can come from spontaneous applications or following events that we organize to create new business ideas.


    For aspiring social entrepreneurs we hold workshops to support them in the various stages of development and help them to define the following aspects of their business:

    • Idea

    • Why (Motivation)

    • Who (Team building)

    • What (Product/Service)

    Hold by: Project Ahead, Sagapò and Impact Hub Roma.

    Dialogue Schema

    5 individual consultations of 2 hours

    We help to define a scheme built around a set of customer characteristics:

    • buying persona and motives
    • Spending capacity
    • Decision-making
    • Purchase

    Business Plan

    2 seminars of 4 hours hold by experts

    Our aspiring entrepreneurs are ready to develop a business plan and answer some questions:

    • Make or buy?

    • Customer: Δ+?

    • Marketing strategy

    • Revenue sources

    • Triple bottom line


    2 seminars of 4 hours hold by experts

    We support our social entrepreneurs exploring sources of funding within and beyond our partner’s network:

    • Investors

    • Stakeholders

    • Donors

    • Buyers

    Hold by: Make a Cube3

    Market Lunch

    5 individual consultations of 2 hours

    Dialogue Place supports social entrepreneurs in launching their product/service to market


    Hold by Dialogue Place

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